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Bed and Breakfast accommodation on the edge of the Daintree Rainforest  at Cape Tribulation
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Cape Tribulation Tours and Activities  

Cape Tribulation has a large variety of tours, activities and attractions. It is possible to book tours with us, at the same time as you book your accommodation, through our secure server, in ONE transaction. Check our ITINERARIES page to see some suggestions for how you could plan your time at Cape Trib.


Eat locally grown exotic tropical fruit from the Amazon, the Caribbean and Borneo

You will get some exotic fruit on your breakfast platter, but many rare fruit do not really lend themselves to eating for breakfast . If you are interested in learning more about the fruit, the tasting presentation and the orchard tour gives you an in-depth understanding. Book online and get a discount.

Exotic Fruit Tasting and
Orchard Walk

Watch a Daintree River sunset and then cruise the tributaries in the dark, looking for crocodiles and other wildlife from the boat.

Join Dan Irby on a night cruise with Mangrove Adventures to have a memorable experience, with lots of wildlife. Dan does not do this tour every night, so it is best to book early. Note that you need to be self drivers, and that it is a 40 minute drive back south to the Daintree River from the farm.

Dan Irby - Mangrove Adventures Sunset Tour Click here to book

Climb into the rainforest canopy, and see the rainforest from a different perspective.

You can do this in two different ways - by climbing the aerial tower at the Daintree Discovery Centre or if you are more adventurous, by going Jungle Surfing on a zipline.

Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours Click here to book

Go snorkelling or diving on McKay and Undine Reefs.

The Great Barrier Reef is only a short distance offshore and we recommend that you do a reef trip while you are here, to fully appreciate the Daintree Coast ‘where the rainforest meets the reef’. Ocean Safari offers an action-packed half day snorkel adventure, taking only 25 minutes to reach the reef. It can be very busy in the school holidays. It can be very rough and sometimes the trips may be cancelled, so if this is your only opportunity to visit the GBR, you may want to leave a spare day to go out on a bigger boat from Port Douglas if necessary.

Ocean Safari Click here to book

Paddle around the Cape Trib headland.

A great way to see Cape Tribulation from a new perspective, with the towering cliffs of the cape, making you feel very insignificant. The paddling is not difficult. There are two companies - Cape Trib Paddletrek -which offers two guided tours each day, and Cape Tribulation Sea Kayaking, which hires boats for you to do your own thing. We recommend the morning paddle as the wind can pick up in the afternoon.

Cape Trib Paddletrek Click here to book

Meet and interact with one of the traditional owners at the Bloomfield Falls

The Walker sisters take you for a half hour guided walk into the falls and you see the country from their perspective – it is a special experience – low key and genuine. Don’t expect a ‘performance’ – they are shy and if you ask questions and show your interest, they will respond. You can do this with D'Arcy of Daintree 4WD Tours

D'Arcy of Daintree 4WD Tours Click here to book

See a cassowary in the wild.

Our guests have had many encounters with cassowaries over the years, usually when least expected. We have had a cassowary walk under the cottage balcony while the guests were having breakfast! A cassowary has chased our guests as they followed our self-guided rainforest trail. But they are elusive, and there are no guarantees.

This means that if you really want to see a cassowary, your best chance is to spend time at Jindalba Visitor Centre, a boardwalk near the Daintree Discovery Centre, which is a known hot spot - or walk up Emmagen Creek for a half day.

Cruise the mangroves at Coopers Creek and see a crocodile up close.

We especially recommend this cruise in winter at low tide when you will see numerous large crocodiles. Cape Tribulation Cruises does at least 2 trips a day.

Watch the sunrise from the south headland of Cape Trib on Myall Beach, and enjoy an early morning walk, with nobody else around.

Sunrise is around 6 - 6.30am. If you take the shortcut through our orchard, you can be on the beach in 10 minutes walk from the cottage. Be back in time for a late breakfast ordered for 8.30 am.

Spend some time walking in the Cape Trib area.

You can walk along Myall Beach and do the Dubuji boardwalk to experience the lowland tropical rainforest just behind the beach. You can climb over the cape to Cape Tribulation Beach and 'do' the Look Out. Our beaches are usually deserted and have wide sandy expanses.

Swim in the Emmagen Creek swimming hole with the freshwater tortoises and the jungle perch.

It is worth spending a half day in the Emmagen area. You can drive a normal car to Emmagen Creek, but if you would prefer it, we are happy to drop you there, and you can find your own way back, either on foot or by bicycle.

Develop your depth of knowledge about the Daintree Coast while you are here.

Make time for a visit to the Daintree Discovery Centre, or The Bat House, as they both present lots of in-depth information about the area, and do this early in your stay, so that you can better appreciate what you see.

Explore the ‘real’ rainforest on your own – away from the boardwalks.

There are several options to do this – you can walk up a creek like Emmagen and just follow the river for a few kilometres. You won’t get lost, and you can go deep into the rainforest away from the roads and other people.

You can also take our self-guided walk into the World Heritage Rainforest on the hills above the cottage.

Climb Mt Sorrow and view the Daintree coastline stretching out before you.

On a good day, the view is fantastic, but you need to be fit. If you only have a few days at Cape Trib, there are better walks to do. This is for those who are fit and adventurous.

Dive and snorkel at Cape Tribulation - only an hour off the coast
Take a crocodile cruise only 20 minutes south of Cape Tribulation
The Bat House provides information about the Daintree rainforest


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Last updated November 6, 2014