Bowl of exotic tropical fruit from Cape Tribulation Cape Trib Exotic Fruit Farm - Cape Tribulation  B&B accommodation
Bed and Breakfast accommodation on the edge of the Daintree Rainforest  at Cape Tribulation
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Cape Tribulation Beaches

Myall Beach with Cape Tribulation in the distance - where the Daintree Rainforest meets the reef

Myall Beach, south of Cape Tribulation, only 10 minues walk from our B&B accommodation.


The beach is the best part of the Cape Tribulation experience. It takes about 10 minutes to walk from our Bed and Breakfast to Myall Beach, which stretches for over 4 kilometres. You can walk for long distances along the wide yellow sandy beaches and see very few other people.

Myall Beach at Cape Tribulation at high tide

In the winter, swimming and sunbaking is a favoured activity, and you can spend the whole day doing it. At low tide you can wander through the rockpools looking for shells and other marine life. In summer the beach is at its best in the early morning and late afternoon, in the cool of the day. During the heat of the day we cool off in the local rivers - they are icy and refreshing.

Fringing Reef on Myall Beach at low tide

Fringing Reef on Myall Beach at low tide

Best swimming is a break in the reef, directly opposite the track from Dubiji. Half way to the Cape Tribulation headland there is Mason Creek—the same creek that your Bed and Breakfast cottage overlooks. There is a sheltered nook here out of the wind, and mangroves here make the birdwatching interesting. This is our favourite spot, and we walk and swim here with the dogs every day. A spectacular view up to Mt Sorrow.

Mason Creek flowing into Myall Beach

Mason Creek on Myall Beach


COCONUT BEACH - 2 km south

You can access this beach through the resort or from further south where the road touches the beach. There is a large fringing reef with a steep drop off, which provides excellent fishing with handlines at low tide out on the reef edge. When you get thirsty, you can go and have a cocktail from the resort bar just behind the beach. You can walk north to the river mouth of Myall Creek,but do not cross - as a large crocodile lives here. A few trendy people on the beach close to the resort.


CAPE TRIB BEACH - 1 km north of the bed and breakfast and the beach on the north side of Cape Tribulation

Aerial photo of Cape Tribulation

Has toilets and picnic tables. Very shallow and sheltered from the winds. Ideal for children. Dive boat departs from here at 8.30. You can walk to the look-out or north to the Beach House, and hire a canoe to paddle. On reefs north of the Beach House, still some live coral on the edge of the fringing reef. Can be crowded with day-trippers.

EMMAGEN BEACH - 8 km to the north of Cape Tribulation

You can walk, drive or cycle. Few people. Here you can have the fantasy of being stranded on a beautiful beach in paradise. At low tide can walk back along the beach to Cape Trib. Turn off on the road is at a Strangler Fig just before Emmagen Creek

DONOVANS BEACH - 12 km to the north of Cape Tribulation

For the intrepid explorer - you need a 4WD or a mountain bike. Another 4 km north from Emmagen. There is a slight track from the road into the beach about 200 metres. We have seen crocodile tracks on this beach. See us for more specific directions. Wild and deserted.

NOAHS BEACH - 2 km south of Cape Tribulation

At the camping ground. A lovely little beach. You can walk from here down to the mouth of Oliver Creek.


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Last updated November 6, 2014