Bowl of exotic tropical fruit from Cape Tribulation Cape Trib Exotic Fruit Farm - Cape Tribulation  B&B accommodation
Bed and Breakfast accommodation on the edge of the Daintree Rainforest  at Cape Tribulation
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Bed and Breakfast  Cottages at Cape Tribulation

COME TO CAPE TRIBULATION and stay in our farm accommodation, designed for couples and families, on the edge of our World Heritage Daintree Rainforest. We have two very private, high-set, pole-framed timber cottages, each with an ensuite, balcony and a stunning view to Mt Sorrow and a large two-bedroomed, newly-renovated hand-built wooden house. You can read more about the house and cottages here or email Liz for more information.

You can relax on the balcony; listen to the water flowing over the rapids in the creek; and walk in our rainforest and along the beach at Cape Tribulation.

Cape Tribulation does NOT receive mobile phone coverage, so you can truly escape. We are committed to environmental conservation: we can offer you solar power; and your own private World Heritage Daintree Rainforest to explore.

We invite you to come and experience Cape Tribulation for a short time, You may like to watch the video we have made called 'A Special Place'.

Part of the property (approximately 8 acres/3 hectares) has been included inside the boundary of the World Heritage Daintree Rainforest. It is very rare to have private property included within the boundaries - less than 1%.

This means the rainforest is protected for future generations, and is considered to be of very high quality. You are welcome to walk through this forest following our marked trail. You will meet no other tourists, as it is privately owned land.

Both cottages are right at the edge of the Daintree rainforest, and you will be interacting with the wildlife that passes through. Guests have been able to watch Cassowaries wander down the creek while eating their breakfast on the balcony. There will be insects and spiders in the vicinity, but the cottage has insect screensto protect you.

The Daintree region north of the river does NOT have mains electrical power. This has been a deliberate government decision to limit development in the area. Local landholders have been subsidised to enable them to set up solar systems instead. The resorts rely on trucks bringing in diesel fuel to power large generators, while bed and breakfast operators use alternative energy sources.

This is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly experience of living with solar power, which reduces YOUR impact on the area.

This means that you need to be aware of how you use electricity, and that you turn off the lights in the cottage when you leave so that you do not flatten the batteries. There is no airconditioning or electric hair dryers . If you feel that you need these luxuries, then you should stay in resort style accommodation. There is a fan if needed.

Both cottages are designed in a high-set Queenslander style to take advantage of the natural breezes. The windows are floor to ceiling louvres to enable the breeze to flow right through the room with light timber walls which do not store heat.

And best of all, both cottages are built close to the creek, and when the creek is flowing, the cool air provides a wonderful natural air conditioning system. So you are not living in a concrete box which needs to be air-conditioned.

You should plan to stay at Cape Tribulation for at least 3-4 days. There is a lot to do and Cape Tribulation is also a great place to unwind and just relax.

To discover why people love Cape Tribulation in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest - watch the 5 minute Overlander Video on Youtube, which tells the story of the early days for Digby and Alison who founded the business.

Contact Liz Hirst.

"The cottage is surely one of the most appealing and unusual places we've stayed on our travels.

.....Steve and Phyllis Stevens, Tucson,Arizona


  • Queen size bed
  • Double folding futon sofa bed
  • Ensuite with shower
  • Large private balcony with table and chairs
  • Tea and coffee making facilities
  • Floor to ceiling louvre windows with insect screens
  • Refrigerator
  • Solar power
  • Natural air conditioning from the creek
  • Undercover parking
  • Bar-b-que facilitites


1. Rest and relaxation
Each cottage is a great space just to sit around and relax, with a big verandah and a view of the creek and Mt Sorrow.

2. Close to everything
It is close to the Cape Tribulation village and the beach is only 10 minutes walk via the shortcut - with no steep hills.

3. Plenty of privacy
Each cottage is a separate architect designed cottage 50 metres from the nearest building, not a room in the house or under the house, so you have privacy.

4. A rainforest environment
Each cottage is on the edge of the rainforest, so you get cool breezes plus sunlight, and a private walking trail.

5. Limited environmental impact
We have not cleared rainforest to build the cottages. We use solar power.

6. Privately owned World Heritage Rainforest
And best of all - our rainforest is special, and will be protected forever, as it is included within the World Heritage Area




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Last updated May 20, 2015