Bowl of exotic tropical fruit from Cape Tribulation Cape Trib Exotic Fruit Farm - Cape Tribulation  B&B accommodation
Bed and Breakfast accommodation on the edge of the Daintree Rainforest  at Cape Tribulation
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Cape Tribulation - Highlights of a stay at Cape Trib Exotic Fruit Farm

Do you want to find out what our guests thought of Cape Tribulation and what the Bed and Breakfast experience was like for our guests. Here are some extracts from our guestbook - many thanks for the kind comments!

Name: Erik, Maura, and Kellen Sincoff
City: Redwood City, CA 94062
Favourite fruit: soursop, mango
Sent: 08/08 10:22 PM

Our stay at the Fruit Farm was one of the highlights for our month long trip to Australia. From the moment you enter the ginger lined drive, to first taste of scrumptious breakfast, to the star scattered sky, to the trickle of the stream next to your cabin, you realize the place is magical. Do take the chance to indulge in the fruit tasting, and be sure to snap up some of the fresh jam--I politely waited and it sold out! Make sure you spend at least three days to relax and enjoy the place! The Sincoffs, California


Name: Magaly and Marcel
City: Paris (France)
Favourite fruit: Just remember the (wonderful) taste, but not the name ... sorry ;-)
Sent: 29/01 09:14 PM

We just want to send a little "hello" and wish you a very happy year 2005. We have great memories of our stay, both in your farm and in your country, and we often thing of this old good time when we were spending an evening in the cottage after a day of happy, colorfull and interesting discovery, resting so close from the rainforest. We still remember you and your kindness, and hope we'll be able to come back and meet you again. Regards, Marcel and Magaly.


Name: steve Williams & Tammy Smith
City: Worcestershire UK
Favourite fruit: Paw Paw / Soursop Jam
Sent: 22/10 05:20 AM

Hi Alison & Digby, we just wanted to express our thanks to you both for your hospitality during our stay. Your farm is a real escape from the hustle and bustle and we look back on our days with you as the time when we really chilled out and took in what was around us. Thanks for the opportunity to experience Cape Tribulation in a unique way. Steve & Tammy


Name: Sue Shaw
City: Leicester, UK
Favourite fruit: Ripe custard apple
Sent: 27/09 05:28 AM

We had a fantastic fruit tasting visit to your farm in August and since then the kids have been keen to try all sorts of unusual fruit and vegetables. Luckily Leicester is a multi-cultural city with a thriving fruit and vegetable market, so although we are in the cold north of Europe, we manage to get dragonfruit, papaya, passion fruit and fresh dates as well as the usual stuff. Thanks to you we are giving all these a try and introducing them to our friends - you've made some converts! Hope the farm continues to grow and prosper.


Name: Julia Anderson
City: Southampton, UK
Favourite fruit: Jack fruit
Sent: 10/08 09:30 AM

A stay here is a must to experience something of the real rain forest and Cape Trib. Comfortable, relaxed and everything you need, without being sterile like some of the large hotels. Hosts are lovely, their two dogs are very friendly and worth making chums with too! Loved it, thanks so much for the stay back in 04!


Name: Claire Wilhelm
City: Perth
Favourite fruit: Mangosteen
Sent: 13/06 10:35 AM

We had the loveliest stay with Digby and Alison and the very friendly well-behaved pooches. It was a farm stay experience with a difference! It was great to see you again and thanks for your generous hospitality. The fruit tour really was a highlight and I have been recounting the most interesting anecdotes to friends & family! Cape Trib is gorgeous and we are enjoying the photos we took - and it's great that your website has so many photos because we were too busy having a good time and didn't take enough! Thanks also from Craig who had a great time and enjoyed your company very much. See you next time! Claire


Name: Hilary and Steve
Hometown: Aberystwyth
Favourite Fruit: White sapote
7.25 PM - 10/1

We stayed at Cape Tribulation at the farm for 5 nights in Dec. This simply has to be the best place to stay in Cape Tribulation. The cabin is beautifully situated - the full moon shining above Mt Sorrow shone straight into the room. We could have read with its light. A magical night. Loved the sounds of the forest. Alison and Digby are so welcoming and enthusiastic, and the breakfasts are "historic" (as Michael Winner would say!). The Fruit Tasting, Early morning walks to the deserted beaches at Cape Tribulation, Rumrunner, Pru's Walk - not to be missed. We learned so much. Don't hesitate - GO.



Name: Natalia Jessen & Banks Albach
Hometown: Santa Cruz/Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Favourite Fruit: jackfruit/soursop
Sent: 3.18 AM - 11/11

Thank you so much for the wonderful stay at Cape Tribulation. We absolutely loved the Farm and the Cape Tribulation area! The guest bungalow was beautiful, the breakfasts were delicious (and filling) and the fruit tasting was wonderful. The daily cassowary sightings were quite unexpected and definitly welcomed. We also enjoyed the books about Cape Tribulation provided by Digby and Alison, we read them cover to cover! The many boardwalks were great and educational and we had the best dinner at the Dragonfly Cafe. Alison, thanks for letting us see the elusive white-lipped green tree frog in your shower! We hope to travel your way again...


Name: John Wells
Hometown: Kanmantoo
Favourite Food: Shredded potato pancakes
Sent: 1.43 AM - 16/9

Our afternoon's quiet reverie was interrupted by two snooping cassowaries, stomping through the rainforest, who crossed the creek directly below the balcony. Seeing these beautiful, haughty birds in their habitat was quite startling - a real privilege. Undoubtedly the highlight of our visit to Cape Tribulation.

A warning to potential visitors - two days is NOT enough at Cape Tribulation. You only just start to relax. Take your time. The Exotic Fruit Farm is the pick of places to stay in Cape Tribulation: peaceful, unhurried, with the options of tramping energetically through the fascinating rainforest or sitting around loose-limbed, doing not too much at all (my preferred option).

Many thanks Digby & Alison.


Name: Paul Murphy
Hometown: Leeds, UK
Favourite Fruit: Soursop
Sent: 2.39 PM - 2/8

Zoe and I spent 5 days at the cottage in December. It made an excellent trip to Australia very special. We really appreciated your advice and hospitality. The Rum Runner reef trip was the highlight but just staying on the farm taught us a fantastic amount about Far North Queensland, Cape Tribulation, and the Daintree Rainforest. Thank you. I hope you enjoyed New Zealand and make it to England for the Coast-to-Coast.


Name: Tim & Jill St Ruth
Hometown: Sydney
Favourite Fruit: Black Sapote, Soursop
Sent: 7.43 AM - 11/7

Hi Alison and Digby

We had a fantastic stay at your B&B - many thanks for your hospitality; it was the highlight of our trip to Cape Tribulation. Other highlights include Digby's excellent fruit tasting and farm tour - a very interesting guide to tropical fruits from Sth America and S.E. Asia plus you get to eat them too! We also had a great time on Rum Runner, a catamaran that took us snorkelling on Mackay reef - beautiful fish and coral. Try the Cape Trib Beach House for good, reasonably priced food in the heart of the rain forest.Thanks again for a truly memorable experience. Hope we can stay with you again one day.

Tim and Jill


Name: Neil & Janet Herbert
Hometown: Godalming, Surrey, UK
Favourite Fruit: Rollinia
Sent: 2.30 PM - 6/7

Hi Alison and Digby
Really enjoyed our 4 days with you at Cape Tribulation in June. We miss our third guest (lady golden orb) and your scrumptious breakfasts. Atherton Tablelands were excellent - thank you Alison for your suggestions as to where to go. 'Bonneterre' was lovely and peaceful, I am sure you would like it. Have you been to the Majestic Theatre at Malanda - what an amazing place.
Reference the Hadrians Wall Walk (opened May 2003)- the website is - which shows this and lots more trails in UK - worth a visit. Hope we can meet again sometime / somewhere.
Neil and Janet


Name: Kim and Ulla
Hometown: Vancouver
Favourite Fruit: Black Sapote / Rose Apple
Sent: 1.49 PM - 18/4

Our favourite B & B ...A highlight of our trip Oct/02 , and fabulous people who do so much to make the stay wonderful. We loved the star apple, yellow sapote, soursop,malmosteen, mangoes of course...Still looking for Zapote of Guat..Thanks again Digby& Allison


Name: Mike and Micheal
Hometown: SYDNEY
Favourite Fruit: all of them..!
Sent: 1.09 AM - 17/3

Stayed for a few days at Cape Tribulation just before Xmas, wonderful wonderful part of the world, lovely hosts and gorgeous cottage. Great fruit and mango wine... ( hic!) Planning to move up to the area as soon as we can escape the rat race in Sydney!. Will be back! Thanks again Alison and Digby!


Name: Gordon Jarrell
Hometown: Fairbanks, Alaska
Favourite Fruit: Passion fruit
Sent: 6.31 PM - 2/2

It seems like a dream now! We're back to the Cold-N-Dark after the most "successful" vacation ever. We extended our planned four-day stay at Cape Tribulation to twelve days and we were still distressed to leave. The perfect Daintree headquarters, complete with in-house expertise on the regional biota. We'll be back!


Name: Jo Pyne
Hometown: Cairns
Favourite Fruit: Carambola
Sent: 5.50 AM - 22/1

I had the most relaxing weekend of the year. This is a great idea for a weekend escape from Cairns. The food is fantasic and the hosts most charming!!! I had no idea there was so much to do at Cape Tribulation. The breakfast was a highlight, but then so was going to bed at night and listening to the rainforest, relaxing at local restaurants, walking on the beach, exploring the creeks, and learning so much about tropical fruit from Digby.


Name: Tony White and Alicia Darvall
Hometown: St Kilda, Melbourne
Favourite Fruit: Pommelo
Sent: 7.22 AM - 4/8

We stayed for 4 nights on the fruit farm, right on the edge of the rainforest at Cape Tribulation. It is another world, especially at night when the jungle comes alive. The breakfasts each morning make the most of the exotic and local ingredients - and are a highlight. By day we explored Cape Tribulation and the reef, which must be one of the most breathtaking areas in the world. We lived in hope of seeing a Cassowary from the balcony.

Our advice: Go to Cape Trib! Stay with Digby and Alison! Escape the modern world and have a great holiday.


Name: Bob and Carol Sippel
Hometown: San Jose, Ca.
Favourite Fruit: Breadfruit
Sent: 12.05 AM - 7/6

We stayed at the exotic fruit farm as guests and couldn't have had a better time. We felt very special to have a temporary residence right at the base of such a natural pristeen rainforest. We listened to the sounds of the creek each night...cooling our little paradise without the use of power. Each and every day we had a delightful array of fresh fruit delivered to us. The negative point there is we have missed that tray ever since. Our hosts made us feel like part of the family. We even toured the farm to learn more of "being off the grid". Such a lovely stay...a lovely time...we will come back to Cape Tribulation some day.


Name: Steve & Phyllis Stephens
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona, USA
Favourite Fruit:Anything in Annonaceae
Sent: 5.32 PM - 21/5

We must have enjoyed our initial three-night stay at Cape Tribulation, because we rebooked for another two nights after an excursion to Cooktown. The cottage is surely one of the most appealing and unusual places we've stayed on our travels. The fruit tray at breakfast is so elaborate and varied that it's almost intimidating, and as coffee-addicted Americans we especially appreciated the opportunity to brew "real" coffee, so rare in Australian inns. We've been struck throughout Australia by the hospitality and friendliness we've encountered, but the Fruit Farm stands out even by Aussie standards.

It's no wonder that as plant and food enthusiasts we were fascinated by the fruit-tasting and farm tour, but it was astonishing to see how "laypeople" who had only casually booked the tasting as part of general tours seemed almost equally engaged, a tribute not only to the rarely-encountered fruit but to Digby's presentation.


Name: Kirk and AJ Faryniasz
Hometown: Yigo, Guam
Favourite Fruit:All of them
Sent: 10.58 PM - 25/3

What a delight the cabin was to stay in. I thought I had gone to the "Discovery Store" in the mall in Washington, D.C. and was listening to the outdoor tapes. What a relaxing stay at Cape Tribulation. Wish we had more time to enjoy this very delightful place. If you are visiting Cairns and have are looking for a couple of days to visit and intersting and unique place...this is it. Thanks for a most wonderful time.


Name: Caroline & Henry Hoffman
Hometown: London, UK
Favourite Fruit: Jakfruit + papaya
Sent: 9.04 PM - 10/3

We stayed in the beautiful little bed & breakfast house at Cape Tribulation for 4 nights in January. We came across it pretty much by accident on the internet while looking for somewhere to stay north of Cairns. It turned out to be just the most amazing place we could have dreamed of! I can hardly imagine finding a more beautiful place to stay in the World. Sleeping in Digby's hand-built wooden house on the edge of the rainforest is extraordinary, the sounds of the forest at night are breath-taking. Digby's breakfasts are spectacular, with a platter of fresh, ripe exquisite fruit, half of which you've never heard of and his papaya pancakes with mango and ginger sauce have to be experienced. And finally, Alison and Digby are the most kind, generous, compassionate, knowledgeable and friendly people you could hope to find. If they charged twice as much, it would be cheap. If only they weren't 10,000 miles away!


Name: Marc Mueller-Baumgart
Hometown: Munich, Germany
Favourite Fruit: Jakfruit
Sent: 8.47 PM - 30/11

Hi Alison, Hi Digby, Vacation is over and I'm back at work and the PC, so I thought about dropping you a little note with a big 'Thank You' for the wonderful time Marisa and I had in your B&B at Cape Tribulation. Certainly a major highlight of our time in Australia. Loved your hospitality, your little cottage, your rainforest, your fruits... Take good care and say 'Hello' next time you go long distance walking through Europe. Yours, Marc PS: Marisa says 'Hi'

Name: Annie Re
Hometown: Ballarat
Favourite Fruit:Bowen Mango
Sent: 7.12 AM - 31/10

My sister, Jenni, and I were fortunate enough to discover Digby and Alison's charming and new B & B by just driving up to the door. On a holiday from "Shiverville", based for three weeks in Port Douglas, the journey to and stay in Cape Tribulation and the Daintree area was definitely the highlight for us. We found the cottage very charming, and enjoyed the views and breezes it afforded - not to mention the great breakfasts delivered to our balcony by Digby. Having scheduled a quite brief sojourn and planning to stay for one night, we extended to two and would have stayed longer it it were not for a previous reservation requiring our departure. The information provided in the cottage handbook (in my guess largely written by Alison), verbally by Digby and in the interpretive tagged rainforest walk on the property were all hugely appreciated. We admire your commitment to conservation and minimisation of the impact of visitors on the environment, as well as your knowledge of and passion for what you have developed in beautiful, peaceful Cape Tribulation.


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