Handcrafted home and cabins set on a rare exotic fruit orchard in the heart of Cape Tribulation in the Daintree rainforest

Photography by Diana Scalfati Artwork by Avrille Burrows


daintree rainforest

Wildwood is set on 15 acres of private World Heritage rainforest and just 10 minutes walk from Cape Tribulation beach and amenities. There is acres of space for guests to explore the rainforest, pick fruit from the orchard, relax in hammocks and listen to the beautiful wildlife.

Wildwood House-4.jpg


Wildwood caters for 2 to 12 guests and provides a choice of eco-friendly Daintree rainforest accommodation ideal for couples, families and larger groups. It has a large two bedroom house with adjoining garden apartment and two self-contained cabins set 60m apart to allow you plenty of privacy and peace during your rainforest retreat.

exotic fruit orchard

Wildwood has a large orchard with over 800 rare and exotic fruit trees where guests can explore and pick their own fruit - mangosteen, soursop, jaboticaba, rambutan, rollinia and many more. The orchards and gardens are frequently visited by countless birds, frogs, bats and butterflies....and if you are lucky a cassowary.