Bowl of exotic tropical fruit from Cape Tribulation Cape Trib Exotic Fruit Farm - Cape Tribulation  B&B accommodation
Bed and Breakfast accommodation on the edge of the Daintree Rainforest  at Cape Tribulation
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Cape Tribulation Itineraries  for  the Daintree Rainforest

Click toDESIGN YOUR OWN ITINERARY or try one suggested below:

Three day visit to Cape Tribulation and the Daintree Rainforest
Five day visit for the adventurous, and energetic!
Seven day visit to Cape Tribulation and the Daintree Rainforest
Ten day visit to Cape Tribulation and Daintree Rainforest
Fourteen day visit to Cape Tribulation and Daintree Rainforest


Day One -
Arrive around midday and then spend the afternoon exploring the Cape Tribulation area on foot. Visit the Bat House to learn about the Daintree Rainforest, and do Self guided Walk No. 1 - Myall Beach and Cape Tribulation Lookout. If you are interested in rare and exotic fruit, book a place for the 2 pm fruit tasting at Cape Trib Exotic Fruit.

Day Two -
Join Ocean Safari and spend the morning snorkelling on the reef. You return to Cape Trib around 12.30, so that you have time to do the Dubuji boardwalk in the afternoon or go Jungle Surfing

(We recommend doing a reef trip from Cape Tribulation rather than Cairns or Port Douglas as the reef is only 25 minutes offshore, the trip is more personal, with a small group, and the reef is excellent - and only a metre below the surface)

Day Three -
Depart from Cape Tribulation by 8.30 am and drive south to the Daintree Discovery Centre. By midday you will be ready to head south and have plenty of time to reach Port Douglas (1 1/2 hrs) or Cairns (2 hrs).

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Day One
Midday - Arrive
2 pm - Fruit Tasting
4 pm - Self guided Walk No.1

Day Two
8.00 am - Reef with Ocean Safari
2pm - Dubuji Boardwalk
4pm - Jungle Surfing

Day Three
8.30 am Depart for Daintree Discovery Centre
2.00pm Return to Cairns


Day One - Arrive around midday and go Jungle Surfing for the 1.30pm session, followed by Self Guided Walk No.1 in the Cape Tribulation area.

Day Two - Cycle/walk north to Emmagen Creek, 7 kms to the north of Cape Tribulation, and then walk up the creek for a couple of hours before cycling home. Another option is to cycle further north to Donovan Beach and explore this remote beach. We can provide details for access.

Day Three - Climb Mt Sorrow - depart early and allow 5 hours return. Arrive back in time for the Exotic Fruit Tasting at 2pm

Day Four - Hire a sea kayak and paddle around the headland of Cape Tribulation or join a guided paddling tour with Paddletrek in the morning. Depart for Cairns in the early afternoon.

Day One
1.00pm Arrive
2.00pm Jungle Surfing
4.00pm Self guided walk No.1

Day Two
Full day exploring north of Cape Trib in the Emmagen Valley

Day Three
7.00am Climb Mt Sorrow
2.00pm Exotic Fruit Tasting

Day Four
8.15am Paddle the Cape Trib Headland
1.00pm Return to Cairns


Day One, Two and Three as per THREE DAY VISIT

Day Four - Spend the morning exploring the area around Emmagen Creek, 7 kms to the north of Cape Tribulation. You can drive your car, or walk or cycle. You may prefer to go further north and take a 4WD trip with Masons Tours to meet the traditional owners at the Bloomfield Falls. in the afternoon you may like to try Jungle Surfing in the rainforest canopy.

Day Five - Spend the morning sea kayaking, where you can explore the fringing reef and Cape Tribulation itself, either on a guided tour, or by hiring your own boat and doing it independently. In the afternoon, do the boardwalk at Dubiji and walk the beach circuit to the shop

Day Six - Spend the day exploring the area south of Cape Tribulation - Mardja Boardwalk, the Daintree Ice Cream Company, the Daintree Discovery Centre and Cow Bay Beach. Join Dan Irby and do a sunset cruise on the Daintree River.

Day Seven - Depart Cape Tribulation around 10.00 am and stop in Mossman to swim at the Mossman Gorge and do the Kuku Yalanji nature trail. Then have lunch at Port Douglas at 'On the Inlet' our favourite fish restaurant, before heading back to Cairns in the late afternoon.

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Day Four
8.30am - Emmagen Creek /North with 4WD Tour
1.30pm - Jungle Surfing

Day Five
8.15am - Sea kayak around the Cape
1.00pm - Self guided walk no. 2 and 3 - Dubuji and Myall Beach

Day Six - Full day south of Cape Trib

6.00pm - Dan Irby on Daintree River

Day Seven - Depart Cape Trib for Mossman Gorge
Lunch at Port Douglas


Day 1-7 as above on 7 day trip

Day 8, 9 and 10 - calm days interspersed with the active days. Relax on the verandah of the Bed and Breakfast cottage and read a book. Relax at the beach and read a book. Relax by the pool at one of the resorts and drink cocktails all afternoon.

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Day 1-7 as for 7 day trip

Intersperse these active days with calm days as per days 8, 9, 10 and repeat until 14 days have passed by and you have settled in to really appreciate the area.

If you are here for 14 days you may also want to visit Cooktown with Masons Tours or climb Mt Sorrow if you are fit and keen (and it is not raining)





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