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Extract from the Samoan Observer, 22 February 2000

Fruit Tree Development

Consultants working on the project from left to right: Grantley Chaplin, Peter Rutledge, Brenda Sio, and Digby Gotts

The Ministry of Agriculture's Fruit Tree Project, now in its third phase has been strengthened by the arrival of three consultants. The consultants are to assist with the handling of fruits after harvest and to promote the nutritional benefits of the fruit being grown.

A new post harvest laboratory is to be established at the Ministry's Atele Horticultural Research Centre. The research undertaken will provide practical ways to harvest, handle, treat fruit to stop diseases and pests after harvest, pack, transport and market fruit correctly..

The Fruit Tree Development Project is in line with government's initiatives to promote crop diversification technology through the development of small crops and the identification of new export and traditional food crops. The Fruit Tree Development Project has three phases: Phase I covered the period 1989-1991; Phase II was from 1992-1996; whilst Phase III is in its implementation stage.

Phase I of the project saw development in the following areas: selection of superior in-country fruits with reliable tree performance; introduction of new fruit species and modern cultivars of existing species for evaluation; expansion of nursery operations to increase the throughput of quality certified planting materials, provision and encouragement of technical support for private nurserymen; initial planting of the national fruit germaplasm collection; procurement of land, orchard planning and initial plantings of Atele Horticultural Centre; and the identification of prospective private demonstration orchards.

Phase II looked at increasing the level of production and quality of fresh and processed fruits leading to greater availability for local consumption.It was hoped this would result in improved nutrition, higher income and export products.

Phase III aims to improve the post-harvest handling of fruit.

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Bed and Breakfast accommodation on an exotic tropical fruit orchard at Cape Tribulation in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest
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