Bowl of exotic tropical fruit used for the fruit tasting Cape Trib Exotic Fruit Farm at Cape Tribulation
Bed and Breakfast accommodation on the edge of the Daintree Rainforest  at Cape Tribulationand white-lipped tree frog
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NEWS after November 2003 is located in the ARCHIVES of our BLOG at 'Latest News'. You can SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter on our Home page and receive all the latest news from Cape Trib in your email box:

November 2003 Newsletter
Green tree frogs move into the house and make themselves at home

April 2003 Newsletter
The impact of the drought; a new recipe for Breadfruit Chips; B&B news; spiders everywhere; eating Mangosteens and Rambutans

October 2002 Newsletter
Bud grafting attempts; Jaboticaba and Star Apple fruiting; the Davidson Plum story; our coffee experience

February 2002 Newsletter
World travellers return home; re-establishing the fruit tasting; starting the B&B; Digby the media star; first Salaks to market; Recipe - Mango and Ginger Sauce

February 2001 Newsletter
Current movements; eating our first Mangosteens; marketing our Salaks to up-market resorts; our first Bangkok Durians; Samoa - the latest on Rambutans and Mangoes.

December 2000 Newsletter
Looking back on Samoan achievements; the latest happenings at Cape Trib over December; first fruiting for Mangosteens

October 2000 Newsletter
Return to Samoa - the mango season in full swing; a visit to the island of Apolima; and the winner of the fruit juice competition at the agricultural show

August 2000 Newsletter
Alison and Digby in France walking the 'Grand Traverse of the Alps' describe their encounters with fruit over 38 days of hiking from Nice to Geneva.

July 2000 Newsletter
Alison and Digby reflect on their month in Hawaii and describe their observations made on a visit to a large commercial grower; find that fruit trees are weeds in the local forests; and that little organic produce is available.

June 2000 Newsletter
The UN Fruit Tree Project has started running workshops for the women in Samoa - Digby describes one of the workshops in detail.

May 2000 Newsletter
Digby climbs the highest mountain in Samoa, nearly dies from thirst and is saved by an Orange tree.

April 2000 Newsletter
Some observations on Samoan food and culture - the Umu and the Fiafia

March 2000 Newsletter
A description of the UN fruit tree project on which Digby is working in Samoa.

February 2000 Newsletter
Digby describes his first impressions of Samoa - the traffic, the lifestyle, the cost of living - and discusses the Samoan attitudes to tropical fruit.

January  2000 Newsletter
A major upheaval at the farm as Alison and Digby prepare to install caretakers and depart for Samoa as part of a United Nations horticultural project.

September/October 1999 Newsletter
The warm weather arrives; Jakfruits on the tasting; Dingo eats the ducks; Digby goes to Samoa; Palusami - coconut and taro

August 1999 Newsletter
A dry month and colder than average; Durians flowering for the first time; Jakfruit Upside-Down Pudding; poles in place for the Bed and Breakfast; we have changed our name.

July 1999 Newsletter
The weather turns dry and cold; first Bananas since the cyclone; Tequila Passionfruit Shooter; hand-pollinating Salaks; caretaker needed for February; 8000 hits on our Web page means we have to turn professional

June 1999 Newsletter
The cyclone clean up is nearly finished; a very dry month; lots of Black Sapotes and Soursop; a new toy called 'Jaws'; a recipe for Winged Beans with Sesame
and the first sod is turned for the Bed and Breakfast.

May 99 Newsletter
Describes the cyclone recovery; the incredible wet season; a  recipe for Breadfruit; and what the trees and crops are doing.

March 99 Newsletter
This covers the description of damage from Cyclone Rona



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Bed and Breakfast accommodation on an exotic tropical fruit orchard at Cape Tribulation in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest
Cape Trib Exotic Fruit Farm, Lot 5 Nicole Drive, Cape Tribulation, Queensland, 4873, Australia - Tel: 0740 980057 - Fax: 0740 980067

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