Bowl of exotic tropical fruit used for the fruit tasting Cape Trib Exotic Fruit Farm at Cape Tribulation
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Cape Trib Exotic Fruit Farm at Cape Tribulation


Farm Links for Cape Trib Exotic Fruit Farm, Cape Tribulation
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The Borneo Collection
Catalogue of rare exotic tropical fruit seeds from Borneo from David Chandlee

Paul Recher - Fruit Spirit Botanical Garden, NSW
Seeds, tours, and demonstration of sustainable agriculture

Green Harvest
A catalogue for the organic grower and contains an amazing variety of seeds, tools, books which can be ordered online

Daley's Fruit Tree Nursery
An Australian nursery specialising in subtropical fruit and nut trees. It is possible to order via email. 

Fruit Lovers Nursery
Located on the Big Island of Hawaii. Specializes in rare tropical fruit trees and tropical fruit seeds. Can send seeds and cuttings worldwide.

Native Habitat Landscaping
This is a plant nursery in the USA which sends seeds all around the world. They have a number of tropical fruit seeds for sale - Jaboticaba, Miracle Fruit, Ice-Cream Bean, Sapodilla, Sweetsop(Sugar Apple), White Sapote, Black Sapote, Canistel, Carambola, and Cashew.

Rio Guaycuyacu seed sales
Sales of seed for tropical fruits and local native plants. Grown on a farm in Western Ecuador.


Organic Places to Stay
A guide to accommodation on organic farms, bed and breakfasts, guest houses and small hotels, where organic produce is used according to availability.

Purple Mangosteens and Red Fire Trucks
Mangosteen growing from day one - what we found and what we did ... it may not be right for everybody, but it sure looks like it's working for us. We aren't at the fruiting stage yet, but with the trees almost five years old, we are certainly getting closer! We are also members of the local Volunteer Fire Brigade.

Karadui Tropical Fruits, Innisfail, Queensland
The story of this property. Pedro O'Connor the manager of the estate discusses the choices and decisions they made moving into Mangosteens as a commercial crop.

Zappala Tropicals, Innisfail, Queensland
The story of the Zappala family and their role in the development of Durian as a commercial crop

Craig-Au-Doo Rambutans, Darwin, NT
The story of a small Rambutan grower at Humpty Doo in the Northern Territory and how they have developed their farm.

Tropical Fruit World, NSW,Australia
A tropical fruit plantation, research park,and tourist attraction with rides, shopping and dining, in northern NSW, just south of the QLD border.

Cape Trib Exotic Fruit Farm - Far North Queensland
Yes it's us - don't forget that we run a fruit tasting and farm tour! Check out the Guestbook for comments.

Fairchild Tropical Gardens, Florida,USA
One of the world's pre-eminent botanic gardens, with extensive collections of rare tropical plants including palms, cycads, flowering trees and vines. Established in 1938. Provides a Virtual Herbarium.

Govardhan Gardens
Located in Puerto Rico. Rare fruit tree nursery, seeds for sale or exchange. Organically grown tropical fruits available locally.

Montoso Gardens
90 acre (36 ha) botanical garden, tropical flower and fruit farm, and nursery with over 600 species of exotic tropical flowers, fruits, nuts, spices, and palms.


Introduction to fruits for wet tropical North Queensland
Written by Roger Goebel, Queensland Horticulture Institute, Centre for Wet Tropics Agriculture, South Johnstone.

Queensland Govt - Dept Primary Industries - Tropical Fruits This site has information on a growing a wide range of tropical fruit.

Growing Cashews - Before You Start
Covers all the basic questions that you should be asking about growing cashews.

Growing Fruit Trees in Containers
Gives advice on how to grow fruit trees in containers and includes potting and pruning information. Provides a list of tropical fruit trees which can be successfully grown in a container - this includes several of the trees we grow - Carambola, Grumichama, Jaboticaba, Miracle Fruit, Coffee.

The Master Gardener Notebook
This site claims to be THE source of information for the Florida Gardener. There is a lot of general information here and there is a separate section on fruit trees.

Organic Gardening from DownUnder
This site provides advice for growing vegetables in the climate of Queensland. A family site with lots of helpful hints.

Grafting - Step by Step
Part of the website by Thelma and Wally Morgan, retired nursery people. Great step by step photos.


Rare Fruit Discussion List
A list for people who research, grow and love rare fruit. Focus on tropical/subtropical fruits: their identification, botany,preservation, and culture. To subscribe, send a message to or go to this e-group's home page.

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