Bowl of exotic tropical fruit used for the fruit tasting Cape Trib Exotic Fruit Farm at Cape Tribulation
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Cape Trib Exotic Fruit Farm at Cape Tribulation


Wwoofing at Cape Tribulation

We belong to WWOOF (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) as a host property, where members of WWOOF can stay with us and exchange their time and work for food and accommodation at our farm, at Cape Tribulation

Pruning bananas - Frederic gets stuck into itWe only take members of WWOOF, so if you are interesting in joining please visit This is because WWOOF has an accident and insurance policy which covers you while you are working on our farm. We expect that as a WWOOFer you will be interested in learning about organic farming, permaculture and tropical fruit.

We try and offer a variety of tasks to keep you interested, but it really depends on what season you come and what the farm priorities are. It is not easy work, as the humidity, and the high rainfall can make it exhausting. We work hard and expect you to join us with enthusiasm. Some of the tasks that are currently being done include:

  • Working in the nursery, potting up small seedlings.
  • Planting out ground cover around fruit trees.
  • Weeding around the fruit trees.
  • Collecting rocks and removing them from the orchard
  • Pruning the Salaks - they are very prickly so we use heavy welding gloves
  • Weeding the vegetable garden.
  • Making jam.
  • Cleaning up after the fruit tasting.
  • Some building work.

We have a few special jobs that we are saving up for the right WWOOFer - such as resurrecting the old duckhouse which was hit by Cyclone Rona, or demolishing the old caravan, marking a new rainforest trail, creating a sketch map and walk of the orchard.

During July/August/September, we do take WWOOFAS, but the work will also involve helping us to run the B&B, doing the cleaning of the cottages and the laundry. We are very busy at this time, and appreciate hard workers who can turn their hand to whatever needs to be done.

We take people with omnivorous diets, not vegans or vegetarians. We just don't have the time to worry about individual preferences, special shopping lists and separate meals. We did try it and found that we just resented the person for making the extra work.

Please email us first - we do not take people who arrive unannounced.

Generally a typical WWOOF work day at Cape Tribulation would be to have breakfast around 7.30 and be ready to start work at 8.30 and go off into the orchard to do a particular job until about 10.30. Then come back to the house for a cup of tea and then back to the orchard to another task from 11 to 1pm. Help prepare lunch and then have the afternoon to explore Cape Tribulation.

We have had some terrific WWOOFers over the years. We started taking WWOOFers in 1992, and they have made a great contribution to getting the farm up and running. You might like to read an article Alison wrote in 1995 which was published in the magazine Earth Garden - The good, the wet and the rooster - Wwoofing at Cape Trib.

Ingrid and Fredrik from Sweden cooking a great Swedish dish. We expect that you will pitch in and help with the food preparation and the washing up, without being asked, and look forward to you cooking a meal for us, that you consider to be your specialty.We will add the recipe to our 'WWOOF Cookbook' which has some amazing creations in it.


If you would like to come and stay with us at Cape Tribulation, please send us an email which tells us

  1. A little about yourself.
  2. Your particular interests and any special skills you have.
  3. Your previous WWOOF experience if you have WWOOFed in other places

We generally only have one or two WWOOFers at a time, and usually only have WWOOFers for 1-2 weeks each month. Mature-age WWOOFers are very welcome

Here is a story from Debbie about her experiences on our farm - a wwoofa who stayed with us for a week or so.

Meliors, a WWOOFA in May 2008 writes about her experience on the farm - "Dressing the Mangosteen"


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Last updated May 20, 2015