Davidson Plum

Here at Cape Trib Exotic Fruit Farm, we love to grow fruits from all over the world. But it is extra special to grow a native fruit from our part of the world. The Davidson Plum that is also called the Ooray. There are 3 species in this genus and we grow the Davidsonia pruriens.
Having been a foraged fruit by the traditional owners of the Daintree area the ...Kuku Yalanji, it is now a widely sort after bush food that chiefs from all over Australia are turning into jams, sauces, chutneys and wines. The plum it's self is a rich purple/blue colour with a beautiful reddish/ pink flesh. The flavour is very sour, but that is why it works so well made into jams etc.

These trees are native to the jungle that surrounds Wildwood and once you get to recognising the tree you will spot a few on walks through the jungle. We harvest the fruits when they have fallen on the ground as long as the Cockatoos stick to there side of the bargin to not to eat them all before they are ripe.