The biggest of all fruit borne on a tree is the mighty jackfruit, some fruits grow to 30kg or more, with each tree able to produce 100 to 200 fruit a year! A native to South India (Artocarpus Heterophyllus) a relative to the Fig, Mulberry and Breadfruit. The is quite and incredible fruit, known as a multiple fruit which is made up of hundreds of thousands of ind...ividual flowers and it's the fleshy petals known as 'avrils' that you eat and the seeds.

So the question is what do you do with a 30kg fruit? There are heaps of options and ways of eating this giant of a fruit. First when the fruit is unripe or green, it is used widely through out Asia in curries, as the flesh has meat like consistency. When staying at Wildwood it is great to pop down to Mason's Café for a delicious BBQ pulled Jackfruit burger.... it's a vegans dream! When the fruit is ripe the flavour is vagley similar to a sweet bubble gum/mango/banana. Here at Cape Trib Exotic Fruit farm we like to dry the sweet flesh to make a healthy snack that last for ages. Or make a Jackfruit honey that is great for baking or pancakes. The seeds can also be boiled and roasted and taste great a bit like roasted chestnuts.