Wildwood has one of the most diverse collection of rare and exotic fruit trees in the Daintree with over 800 trees and 50 different species.  Guests are welcome to come and pick any of the fruits that are in season during their stay. Most of the fruits are from the Amazon, South East Asia, India and the Caribbean and include varieties that many of us may not have tasted before including jaboticaba, miracle fruit, marang and sapote.  Wildwood is also the proud owner of over 400 mangosteen fruit trees – commonly known as the queen of the fruits and our personal favourite.

Wildwood’s fruit trees have been grown from seed, handpicked for their flavour and sourced from high quality producers around the world.  This means that even fruits that you may have tasted before, such as papaya and star fruit, are likely to have a more delicate and beautiful flavour than those you’ve tried before.

wildwood exotic fruit mangosteen
wildwood exotic fruit black sapote
wildwood exotic fruit rollinia
wildwood exotic fruit mamey sapote
wildwood exotic fruit yellow mangosteen
wildwood exotic fruit soursop

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Do you wish to purchase mangosteens or soursop leaves? Mangosteens are available in 3kg trays For soursop leaves we can provide 230 g @ $25, or 460 g @ $50. Express postage costs an additional $10

mangosteen Harvest

In January 2017 our beautiful mangosteen trees have started to flower and we will have high quality fruit available from early to mid April.  Orders can be placed for 3kg trays at a cost of             $60 + postage


Please complete the form below if you are interested in being emailed with further information about the mangosteen harvest when fruit is available for purchasing.


semi dried soursop leaves

The farm is able to supply only a limited number of orders for soursop leaves and bark.


Orders are collected, and when we have sufficient orders, the fresh leaves are picked, semi dried and posted. This occurs about every 4-6 weeks, BUT the harvesting is dependent on the conditions. The leaves can only be picked when the trees are not flushing and when the weather is dry enough to allow the leaves to be semi-dried. The bark is stripped from the branches which have been pruned for the leaves, and left to dry as ribbons for a few days. These bark ribbons are then coiled up into 30g bundles. One bundle of bark is included with 200g of leaves, and two bundles are included with 400g of leaves.


As this is a tropical environment, mould spores may be on the leaves when they are picked. We do our best to reduce the possibility of mould by drying the leaves. Boiling water will kill the bacteria.The leaves are perishable, and should be stored in the freezer when they arrive.


Oldest orders are filled first. We can only up to supply 460g at any one mail out. We cannot supply larger orders as our supplies are limited.