Wildwood has one of the most diverse collection of rare and exotic fruit trees in the Daintree with over 800 trees and 50 different species.  Guests are welcome to come and pick any of the fruits that are in season during their stay. Most of the fruits are from the Amazon, South East Asia, India and the Caribbean and include varieties that many of us may not have tasted before including jaboticaba, miracle fruit, marang and sapote.  Wildwood is also the proud owner of over 400 mangosteen fruit trees – commonly known as the queen of the fruits and our personal favourite.

Wildwood’s fruit trees have been grown from seed, handpicked for their flavour and sourced from high quality producers around the world.  This means that even fruits that you may have tasted before, such as papaya and star fruit, are likely to have a more delicate and beautiful flavour than those you’ve tried before.

wildwood exotic fruit mangosteen
wildwood exotic fruit black sapote
wildwood exotic fruit rollinia
wildwood exotic fruit mamey sapote
wildwood exotic fruit yellow mangosteen
wildwood exotic fruit soursop