Wildwood began 25 years ago as the dream of an exotic fruit farm.  In 1986 our predecessors decided to transform abandoned grazing land into an organic orchard and spent the next decade collecting seed from around the world and planting more than 100 different species and 2,000 fruit trees from the Amazon, South East Asia and the Caribbean.

The orchard has been established on the philosophy of permaculture, a system we continue today, which mimics the rainforest and provides a supply of nutrients to the trees in rotting material and vegetative matter.  To achieve this, large number of legume trees, bananas and legume ground covers are planted through the orchard to create a food forest and provide a rich nitrogen supply to the plants.

We took over the orchard and accommodation in 2014 to offer guests at Wildwood the chance to stay on these beautiful grounds and enjoy and experience all the mature fruits in the gardens.

We have a long history with the Daintree and also own an eclectic artist’s cottage in Cow Bay called Moo Bay Muse, in Cow Bay. This has achieved an “Excellent Tripadvisor host” status with 5* rating across 30 guest reviews.  As such, we are very familiar with the commitment it takes to run a quality guest house in the Daintree region and provide a special holiday experience for every one of our guests.